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The Major Benefits You Get From Mulching

Mulching does not only offer you the benefit of beautifying your planting beds with a pleasant layer that covers the bare soil, you can also benefit from a number of things, such as making your maintenance of your garden a lot easier while at the same time it improves the health of your plants. You’d get the greatest benefits if you consider straw, wood chips, grass clippings and leaves as your mulch as these are organic materials.

Keeping The Moisture

Most plants requires moisture constantly so that they will have proper growth. With mulching, you will be able to keep the soil moist for far longer than dirt. The material can absorb the water that’s going to be left behind by rainfall and irrigation and it will also slow down the process of evaporation of the moisture accumulated from the soil. The improved water retention system will help you significantly reduce the frequency of irrigation so you could space out the need for plant watering longer in order for you to reduce your water consumption. With a layer of mulch, you will also enjoy the benefit of minimizing soil erosion as it helps in keeping the water in your garden preventing it to be washed out of it.
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Controlling Soil Temperature
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Mulching gives you an insulating layer for the soil which means that it whenever the weather changes its temperature, it would affect the soil’s temperature slowly. Putting on mulch early summer of in the spring would be the best way for you to retain the cool temperature of the soil for much longer. The mulching material is what slows down the increase in temperature of the soil as it can absorb some of the sun’s rays. While temperature is dropping in times of fall and especially winter, the same layer of mulch will also help the soil retain the heat. With warmer soils, you will be able to allow some of your plants to grow a lot longer than they would without mulching, and you may even enjoy the benefits of having your plants’ roots protected from harsh winter temperatures.

Suppress Weed Effectively

While you weed growth is pushed out by healthy plant growth, putting a layer of mulch will help you suppress even more unwanted growth of weed that may be found in your planting beds. Sunlight will be blocked by the layer of mulch which would prevent it from reaching the germinating weeds and it is exactly because of this that these weeds won’t be able to grow. Also, whenever weed seeds land on top of the layer of mulch, they won’t be able to grow some roots deeply into the soil which is why even if they grow, they will be so much easier to remove.