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Pet Care Service Benefits

Pet Care ServiceHiring a professional pet sitter has proven a wise decision time and time again. As the owner of a professional Pet Sitting Service, Meow & Fetch Pet Sitting, in Charlotte, North Carolina, I hear stories of neighbors and friends who failed to show up, left the home in terrible disarray, left the pet without water or even found the pet dead. There is a big difference between ‘helping a friend’ and ‘doing your job’.

Bringing along your pet in any trip is accompanied by numerous drawbacks. First, your pet gets stressed due to travel sickness and anxiety. Cats and dogs normally associate travel with a trip to the veterinarian, thus they oftentimes get anxious when brought along. Furthermore, the movement of the car normally induce motion sickness to your little friend. Second, instead of attending to your business or having a leisurely time you might end up attending to your pet’s needs such as food and cleaning after their droppings -so much for that anticipated vacation, right? Third, there are establishments that does not allow animals to enter, this will leave you with no choice but to leave your pet in your car which will expose them to hazards such as heat stroke and theft. One good solution for this dilemma is to hire a professional pet sitter while you are away.

When you are hired to do a job, you take the time to follow all the instructions to the final detail. You are mindful of the pets needs and respectful of the clients home. This is not to say that a friend will not care, but when you are paid to do a job…you do it!

Should you wish to consider hiring a professional pet sitter follow the basic steps… Schedule an initial visit to introduce sitter and pet and to go over details regarding care and routine. Secure literature stating fees and ask for references. The sitter should be insured and bonded. Then see for yourself if the sitter and your furry kid get along well.

Paying for a sitter is a small price to pay for professional care. Peace of mind knowing your pet is having as good a time as you are with their new friend. By acquiring a pet care service, you will have both the peace of mind that your little friend is well taken care of and the convenience that you need on your trip. With a pet sitter, your pet does not have to suffer the stress and anxieties associated with travelling such as kennel activity, distraction of unknown animals, and motion sickness. Additionally these guys can provide a better level of care at home compared to a care you can provide while travelling. Some delicate natured pets may also require some special medical attention, and there’s no way you can provide this when you are in commute. Another advantage of hiring a pet sitter is that you can ask them to do other minimal tasks for you such as watering the plants, and keeping track of minor household activities. Pet sitters also act as deterrent against theft since their activity inside your home discourage robbers. Lastly, with a pet sitter you don’t need to bother your friends and relatives into taking care of your pet.

Professional pet care services provide you with the peace of mind that your pet is well taken care of because of a binding agreement between you and the pet sitter. Also, it provides your pet with the utmost care possible since pet sitters are usually trained to satisfy the needs of different kind of domestic pets.

So in your next trip, there’s no need to fret about whose going to watch over your little friend -you can always call a nearby professional pet sitter to handle your pet care problems.