Overweight Pets

Many pets today face the same struggle as their owners do when it comes to maintaining a healthy weaight. In fact, I am the owner of an overweight cat named Chubbs who tips the scales at a whopping 25 pounds!

Most people who see Chubbs think that he is just a cute and cuddly great big cat. In fact, many pet owners think that there is no harm in owning an obese pet and like the attention that their porky pets attract.

It is estimated that almost half of all pets are overweight or obese. The problem with allowing your cute critters to turn into portly pets is that they can suffer the same problems as humans that are overweight.

Can you imagine the strain on an obese pets joints trying to lug all that extra weight around? How about the extra work that their heart and organs go through to function? Our overweight and obese pets suffer the same risks that their human owners do when they are overweight.

So, what’s the solution for our overweight pets? First have your pet examined by a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you the proper weight range for your pet as well as give you some advice to help your porky pet get back into shape.

Also you should be feeding your pet the healthiest diet possible. It has been documented that humans as well as pets bodies will tell them that they should eat (even when they are not hungry) if they are lacking in their nutritional needs. Check into a holistic, all natural diet for your pet.

Also keeping your pet active is a great way to help it maintain its weight. Be sure to have plenty of interactive play time with your pet and supply toys to stimulate your pets activity.

As for my Tubby Chubby, his veterinarian suggested feeding chubbs a very healthy, all natural, high protein cat food and measuring out his servings.

Chubb’s vet also recommended placing chubbs food in a location that would force Chubbs to climb or get some exercise, but not in a spot that was too difficult for him to get to.

I hope that this information has helped to make you aware of what a problem obesity has become with our pets and inspired you to look into a healthy diet and lifestyle for your pets.