Tips to Pet Proof Your Yard

It is important that we take care of our yard. This is because the yard affects how our home looks. This can be a challenge if you have cats or dogs. Pets can be stubborn at times and they can bring a lot of troubles in your yard. To make sure that they do not damage your garden, see to it that you pet proof your yard. But how will you do this?

Here are some tips:

1. Build sturdy fences and make sure that it will not be possible for your pets to go around it. Do not underestimate your dogs. They are very smart and can easily find a way to access your fence. If they cannot find a hole, they will dig one. Aside from checking for holes, you also need to secure the latches, if they are not secured, your dogs will be able to open it easily.

2. Cats can find a way too. If they are curious, they will jump and try to go over any fence to satisfy their curiosity. This is why you need to free your yard of things that will draw interest from the yard.

3. Cats and dogs will also make use of materials found in your yard to go over your security fences. This is why you need to keep tables, chairs and similar items away from your fences.

4. You should also remember that you need to ensure that your yard is safe for your pets. There are several things that can jeopardize their safety and their health. Among them are the products you use in your garden and lawn. Avoid using toxic chemicals to control weeds, pests and other insects as this can put your pets at risk.

5. There are instances wherein you need to use poison for mice or rats. However, this is also dangerous for your pets. If you have to use poison, make sure that your pets will not be able to find them. Place them in an area where it will be impossible for them to reach. Moreover, you need to check your property regularly for dead rats. If you find one, get rid of them right away and dispose of them properly.

6. You also need to know the different plants that are poisonous or toxic for your pets. You can find a list of these plants online. If you have existing plants, verify if they are safe for your pets.

Most importantly, see to it that your pets get their daily needs. Dogs have daily exercise requirement. It is essential that they get this so that they will not have the instinct to jump over the fence and feel restless. Find out how long and how far you should walk your dog. Moreover, you need to learn the other needs and requirements of your pets to be able to provide them that.

You need to pet proof your yard to make sure that your yard is protected. You should install fences and make sure it will not be accessible to your pets or to the pets of your neighbors. Moreover, it is also is also essential that you provide a yard that is safe for your pets.